PORG live amongst us although it is highly unlikely you have seen one because they are fast, very fast and they are very small.

PORG are smarter and faster than humans (Dawds) but the constant burden of staying out Dawds way is heightened by natural disaster, putting their ingenuity to the test.

Friendly rivalry between two groups of PORG has always been seen as healthy competition … until the flood.

Now they must run the gauntlet of wild animals, smugglers and rising water when the common-sense thing to do would be run for the hills and wait out the storm. Their animals need to be fed and the only food available is across a countryside devastated by the deluge. The trouble is they need to get there before the smugglers.

Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo is now available on Smashword, Kobo, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

After almost two years the story is complete – or is it?

A story of ingenious little people.

A story full of fantasy, excitement, romance (just a hint), danger and ingenious little people. There’s always something exciting in each chapter with a little pathos occasionally offset with lots of humour from a quick-witted Scotsman.

Seems like there’s more than one sequel to be written here

I’ve read books three times the length with less action in them than this one. It’s also clear that there’s been an impressive level of research put into the writing. Looking forward to the next one – why on earth does Lockhart command such a level of respect from his men (especially Cludge?)

Fantastic, gripping story.

Fantastic, gripping story. Suitable for older children and adults. I really enjoyed reading this and think it would make a good film. Hope there’s a sequel.


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