Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo

Baggywrinkle is PORG. PORG live amongst us but it is highly unlikely you have seen one because they are fast, very fast and they are very small. Algernon Bertram Basggywrinkle, Captain PN (Retired) has only just moved into his ideal home, a scale model of the Cutty Sark, and is beginning to enjoy his retirement from the The PORG National Navy when Madam Felicity de Maurier proprietor of a travelling circus, enters his life. Baggywrinkle’s ‘home’ is commandeered by the circus as a means of getting the animals to a depot where the animal food is stored. The countryside between Baggy’s home and this depot is flooded. However there are PORG with different ideas. More info →